Mike Dennard

After working as a Finance Executive for ADP for over 20 years in their small business and major accounts divisions, Mike decided to bring his expertise and skills to small- and mid-sized companies.  He knows what it takes to manage and service clients’ accounts in a transaction-based business environment, while not compromising on quality, timeliness, and accuracy of payroll and other related services that are mission-critical to a client’s business.

He established Apex Quality Payroll Solutions Company in Southern California which enables him to provide locally based payroll processing services to his clients.  The company strives to continually provide prompt and top level one-on-one service combined with creating a mutually rewarding personal business partner relationship.

Lauren Dennard, Marketing

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2009, Lauren has worked in Sales and Marketing for several companies as an employee or consultant.  She handles all of the website design, branding, and social media for Apex Payroll California.